Zen Cart Stylesheets (CSS) System

A while ago, I’ve got a client who asked me why modifications to his CSS file won’t change the look of his Zen Cart e-commerce website (The CSS files for a template are located in the \includes\templates\YOUR_TEMPLATE\css\ ). Anyway, I checked and found that he made a copy of the original CSS file and rename [...]

Free Zen Cart Template 2 – Wide

Want a better looking template to increase your sales? See our premium templates. Guaranteed unbeatable prices & value! Some users have told me that most free Zen Cart templates or even commercial Zen Cart templates are just too narrow for their liking. It seems that there is a demand for wider (fixed-width) templates. Here’s one [...]

Zen Cart Shopping Cart Sidebox with Checkout Button

This simple single-file contribution adds a checkout button to the Shopping Cart side box. The button will be displayed only if the shopping cart is not empty and it links directly to the checkout page (index.php?main_page=checkout_shipping). The appearance of the shopping cart sidebox and checkout button depends on your current template – it’ll NOT be [...]

How to easily add a ‘Bookmark Us’ link

You can easily add a ‘Bookmark Us’ link to anywhere on your Zen Cart e-commerce website. This post will show you the steps to add/append a ‘Bookmark Us’ link to the top navigation links. The code You just need to add a small block of code to your template’s tpl_header.php file. The file is located [...]

Zen Cart Add to Cart Buttons 1 (Large Rounded)

One way to improve your e-commerce online store’s conversion rate is by having a prominent “add to cart” (and checkout) button. Here are some “add to cart” buttons that you can use to improve your store’s conversion rate and also to make it look nicer. Just choose the one you like from the variations.

Zen Cart Button Set (Gray)

This is a set of buttons that you can use with any template. Well, it may not match all templates, but the color is neutral and can probably fit in with most templates’ color schemes. The buttons are actually taken from the free Zen Cart template(Free Template 1) that I posted earlier. So if you’ve [...]

Free Zen Cart Template 1

Want a better looking template to increase your sales? See our premium templates. Guaranteed unbeatable prices & value! This is the first contribution to the Zen Cart user community – a free Zen Cart template. It’s called Free Template 1 (creative huh?). This template has a couple of differences from most other free Zen Cart [...]

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