Customize copyright year display for Zen Cart store

By default, your Zen Cart powered web store will display a copyright notice with the current year at the footer — where the current year is based on your web server’s system date. Example: Copyright © 2009 My Online Store. Powered by Zen Cart If you want to change the year display format to reflect [...]

Google Wave preview invitation is out

Google Wave, the real-time internet communication tool, has opened for “preview” users, with 100,000 invitations sent out. It’s a combination of many popular internet tools — chat, social networking, email, collaboration, discussion, file sharing etc. The collaboration and social networking features should be good for business users. And I think Google Wave can be embedded [...]

Zen Cart Templates

Premium 1 Series ($19~22)

Premium 2 Series ($23)

Premium 3 Series ($25)

Premium 4 Series ($25)

Premium 5 Series ($26)

Premium 6 Series ($26)

Premium 7 Series ($28)

Premium 8 Series ($37)

Premium 9 Series ($33)

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