How to combine Zen Cart “More Information” and “Information” sideboxes

To combine or merge the links in “More Information” sidebox with “Information” sidebox, you just need to copy the codes from more_information.php to information.php. The files involved are: \includes\modules\sideboxes\more_information.php \includes\modules\sideboxes\information.php

Remove “Congratulations! You’ve installed Zen Cart” from home page

This text is contained in your language file: \includes\languages\english\index.php Before you edit the file, copy it to your template’s folder: \includes\languages\english\CUSTOM_TEMPLATE\index.php

How to manage Zen Cart Ez-Pages

Basically, Ez-Pages is used to create new links or pages for your Zen Cart site. It’s a very easy to use tool, but seems to easily confuse new users as well. From the many Ez-Pages related questions received — almost all were about “links that don’t appear on the menu bar after being created with [...]

Zen Cart Templates

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