Bonus (Free) Graphics

All the free button sets and banner images on this page are ONLY for those who have purchased premium template(s) from us.

This bonus package is time limited and may be removed without prior notice. If you can see this page, then it is still valid.

Our premium templates already come bundled with the same button set and banner design as shown on the live demos. The extras here are BONUSES — so you can change the ones on your template or use them as references. All downloads include Photoshop PSD source file(s).

If you have purchased our Premium Template on or after October 1st, 2010, then you can send us an email to request the items you want.


  1. Forward us the Paypal receipt of the template you purchased. In the email, state what items you need.
  2. Please see the contact page for our e-mail address.
  3. Maximum requests per purchase: 1 button set and 1 banner image.
  4. We will only send the items to the EXACT Paypal e-mail address used to purchase our template.


Button Set 1
Button Set 2
Button Set 3
Button Set 4
Button Set 5


These banners are not shown at actual size here. Actual size is 960 pixels x 300 pixels. it is large enough for most purposes. You can also rescale/resize/crop to fit your template.

The banner source does not include product image as shown below. Insert your own product image in the Photoshop source file.

Banner 1

Banner 2

Banner 3

Terms & Conditions:

1. You are not allowed to sell or distribute the items you received from us.
2. You are only allowed to use the items on the template(s) purchased from this site.
3. We reserve the right to stop this bonus package without prior notice.

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