Free Zen Cart ‘Add to Cart’ buttons – Part 3

A few more “Add to Cart” buttons for your Zen Cart online store — they can be used with any Zen Cart template that you have installed. Use any of these large “Add to Cart” buttons to get higher conversion rate for your online store. You are free to use the button images on any [...]

Free Zen Cart ‘Add to Cart’ buttons – Part 2

Having a bigger and more conspicuous “Add to Cart” button on your product page is a good way encourage potential customers to click it. This will also make your page more user friendly, as the interface/button is now easier to spot. Here are a few that you can use for your Zen Cart store. Follow [...]

Zen Cart Add to Cart Buttons 1 (Large Rounded)

One way to improve your e-commerce online store’s conversion rate is by having a prominent “add to cart” (and checkout) button. Here are some “add to cart” buttons that you can use to improve your store’s conversion rate and also to make it look nicer. Just choose the one you like from the variations.

Zen Cart Button Set (Gray)

This is a set of buttons that you can use with any template. Well, it may not match all templates, but the color is neutral and can probably fit in with most templates’ color schemes. The buttons are actually taken from the free Zen Cart template(Free Template 1) that I posted earlier. So if you’ve [...]

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