Free “Shop by Price” module for Zen Cart

This is a simple “Shop by Price” or “Browse by Price” add-on module for adding a sidebox which can be used to display a few clickable price ranges. Your customers can click on any price range to view a list of products within that price range. The module will only search and match the price [...]

Lightbox for Zen Cart

UPDATE Nov 27, 2010: Some notes on using this add-on together with Image Handler II. See the “A note on Image Handler II compatibility” section below. UPDATE Nov 01, 2010: If you find it doesn’t work in Google Chrome, please download again and overwrite the “js” folder – no need to update other files. If [...]

Zen Cart Shopping Cart Sidebox with Checkout Button

This simple single-file contribution adds a checkout button to the Shopping Cart side box. The button will be displayed only if the shopping cart is not empty and it links directly to the checkout page (index.php?main_page=checkout_shipping). The appearance of the shopping cart sidebox and checkout button depends on your current template – it’ll NOT be [...]

Zen Cart Templates

Premium 1 Series ($19~22)

Premium 2 Series ($23)

Premium 3 Series ($25)

Premium 4 Series ($25)

Premium 5 Series ($26)

Premium 6 Series ($26)

Premium 7 Series ($28)

Premium 8 Series ($37)

Premium 9 Series ($33)

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