How to combine Zen Cart “More Information” and “Information” sideboxes

To combine or merge the links in “More Information” sidebox with “Information” sidebox, you just need to copy the codes from more_information.php to information.php. The files involved are: \includes\modules\sideboxes\more_information.php \includes\modules\sideboxes\information.php

Remove “Congratulations! You’ve installed Zen Cart” from home page

This text is contained in your language file: \includes\languages\english\index.php Before you edit the file, copy it to your template’s folder: \includes\languages\english\CUSTOM_TEMPLATE\index.php

How to display Flash in Zen Cart banner locations

You can display Flash at any location of your Zen Cart website by editing the design files (PHP). But this post will teach you how to display Flash content in the standard built-in Zen Cart banner locations — by using Zen Cart’s Banner Manager. First, you need to have a working Flash file (SWF) — [...]

Customize copyright year display for Zen Cart store

By default, your Zen Cart powered web store will display a copyright notice with the current year at the footer — where the current year is based on your web server’s system date. Example: Copyright © 2009 My Online Store. Powered by Zen Cart If you want to change the year display format to reflect [...]

Add Google Maps to Zen Cart contact page

UPDATE: Please see our new tutorial on adding Google Maps to Zen Cart contact page. The new tutorial requires the edit of only ONE template file. To add Google Maps to your Zen Cart contact page, two files need to be uploaded to your template folders. Basically, you just need to download the files, change [...]

Product listings display ‘bug’ in Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8

This issue can be seen on product listing pages using table and ‘colspan’ for displaying products — namely, the New Products, Featured Products and All Products pages. By default, Zen Cart displays each listing with the thumbnail on the left, the product name/price etc on the right, then the product description below (in a cell [...]

Zen Cart Shopping Cart Sidebox with Checkout Button

This simple single-file contribution adds a checkout button to the Shopping Cart side box. The button will be displayed only if the shopping cart is not empty and it links directly to the checkout page (index.php?main_page=checkout_shipping). The appearance of the shopping cart sidebox and checkout button depends on your current template – it’ll NOT be [...]

How to easily add a ‘Bookmark Us’ link

You can easily add a ‘Bookmark Us’ link to anywhere on your Zen Cart e-commerce website. This post will show you the steps to add/append a ‘Bookmark Us’ link to the top navigation links. The code You just need to add a small block of code to your template’s tpl_header.php file. The file is located [...]

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